máy lọc nước- Countertop & Under Counter Water Filter Systems

Countertop water filters are easy to install, and easy to use.  You simply place them on top of your counter, plug it into your kitchen sink, then enjoy the fresh taste of filtered water free of lead, arsenic and other contaminates.

Some individuals may frown at having anything sitting on their countertops, however many of the countertop water filters will please the most discriminating taste. Countertop water filters can be found in a verity of colors, shapes to match any décor.

The water that comes from your tap, doesn’t just taste bad it can be bad for you. By using a countertop water filter you are filtering impurities from your drinking water and protection your family’s health.  Not only will your drinking water taste better, you will be saving money from not having to purchase bottled water any more. Click here máy lọc nước for more details.

Once you have decided on the type of water filtration system you want, then you have to decide on the model.  This process isn’t as hard as you may think.  How well any drinking water filter performs can be verified by reading the product’s performance data sheet, which will list all of the contaminants that filter or system, is certified to remove from the water and at what percentage.  In several states, it is the law that this information be included either as part of the promotional literature, or in the package itself.

Once you have purchased and installed your water filters, to maintain the best possible drinking water remember to maintain and replace your filters as needed.  If this thought frightens you, there are several fantastic maintenance-free models, which require their filters to be changed as little as once a year.

If you can not stand clutter, or just don’t want a countertop water filter but still want filtered water then you may want to consider an under counter water filter. Under the counter water filters, are out of sight and still provide you with filtered water.  Neither you nor your guest will ever know it’s there, except for the great tasting water they will be drinking.

Your houseguest may have their suspicions, though, when they taste the fresh clear water that comes from your tap.  An under the counter water filter is out of sight, freeing your counter space all the time providing you with water as pure than bottled water.

Some under counter water filters require a plumber to install, not only because they can be difficult but to maintain the warranty.  Other filters require routine maintenance, or filter changed on a routine bases to maintenance effectiveness. When shopping around for your under the counter water filter, you may want to find out how the model you are interested in has to be installed.  Also, ask about the warranty and the required maintenance.